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Epigenetic mechanisms including chromatin modifications, play essential gene regulatory roles in cell-type identity as well as in human diseases. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a close link between nutrient state, energy metabolism and epigenetics. The classic examples are histone methylation and acetylation, which are derived from cellular metabolites S-adenosyl methionine and acetyl-CoA, respectively. Nevertheless, we know very little about whether there exist additional epigenetic pathways that use other metabolites as cofactors, and how cellular metabolites regulate gene function in general are largely unclear. 


Dr. Zhang first time identified histone lactylation and beta-hydroxybutyrylation, which are derived from lactate and ketone body accordingly. Dr. Zhang’s group are now interested in the molecular mechanisms mediating the crosstalk between metabolism and epigenetics. Using biochemistry, genetic, and multi-omics technology, we are focused to identify and study new types of chromatin modifications, new functions of metabolic enzymes, and how these mechanisms function in normal development, aging, and in human diseases including cancer, autoimmunity, etc.


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