Di  Zhang  lab 

2023.9.10 Teacher's Day

Our lab members make a custom cake to celebrate Teachers' Day together!


2023.7.2 Recruitment Summer Camp

Our lab members introduce lab during recruitment summer camp, welcome to join us and do interesting research!


2022.12.10 Di's birthday

We celebrate Prof. Zhang's birthday together in meeting room, happy birthday to the coolest teacher ever, hope you have a great day and smooth year ahead.


2022.6.15 La and Yuwei's birthday

We celebrate the La and Yuwei's birthday, there are a lot of delicious food such as cake, pizza, fruit and coke. Hope they happy every day!


2022.2.25 Youguang and Wei's birthday!

We celebrate Youguang and Wei's birthday together during journal club, wish they a happy life every day, and health will always be there! Thanks mengyuan for beautiful slide!


2022.2.21 Happy New Semester!

This is the first day of school, we have updated the pictures in the refrigerator, wish all the best with your work in the new semester!


2021.12.22 Spring Festival video

We record the Spring Festival blessing video together in our lab meeting!


2021.12.10 Di's birthday

We celebrate Prof. Zhang's birthday together in Shaoyuan restaurant, wish everything fine with his work and life! 


2021.12.9 We create our lab website

We establish our lab website, we will share our research and best moments in this website, welcome to attention !


2021.11.4 Mengyuan and Jiazhen's birthday

We celebrate Mengyuan and Jiazhen's birthday together in lab meeting, wish them be happy everyday!


2021.10.24 First lab autumn outing

We go for a trip in Pofeng ridge with Zhe Zhang's lab,  we have fun climbing, singing, BBQ, playing Mahjong !