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Lab Manager

Mengyuan Tian|

Mengyuan graduated from China Medical University and engaged in management work in Zhang’s lab since 2021. Experienced and energetic administrator with many years of senior management experience. Personable team player with superior communication and interpersonal skills. She likes music and playing badminton.



Shiyou Liu|

Shiyou received his PhD from Osaka University, where he studied the reorganization of actin cytoskeleton during cellular senescence. Shiyou joined Zhang lab in 2022. He is now working on exploring the regulation mechanism of glucose metabolism on the cytoskeleton. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and traveling.



PhD Student


Congcong Fu|

Congcong received his bachelor degree from College of Life Science, Wuhan University. He joined ZhangLab in May, 2021. His research mainly focuses on the Role of Histone Lactylation in mESCs’ Stemness Maintainence. He likes jogging and reading in spare time.



PhD Student


Youguang Wang|

Youguang received his master degree from Tsinghua University, where he studied the mechanical properties of embryonic stem cell during development. Youguang joined Zhang Lab in 2021. He focuses on the the metabolic mechanisms of immunity, especially in autoimmunity diseases and T cell exhaustion.



PhD Student


Jiazhen Lu|

Jiazhen received his bachelor's degree from Tongji medical college, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Jiazhen joined Zhang Lab in 2021 as a CLS Ph.D. candidate. Now he is devoted to exploring how do metabolites affect innate immune cell – macrophage's activity. Jiazhen enjoys traveling and reading in his spare time.



PhD Student


Wei Zhu|

Wei graduated from ShanghaiTech university as an undergraduate student, he joined in Zhang Lab in 2021 through CLS program to be a Ph.D. candidate. He is now interested in metabolic regulation of inflammation in obesity. Basketball has always been his best friend, he loves this game!



PhD Student


Qianying Mao|

Qianying graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University. She studied in the Zhang Lab for rotation in November, 2021 via CLS program. She is interested in ubiquitin proteasome system activity. 


PhD Student


Lijun Wen|

Lijun Wen graduated from Southern Medical University. She joined Zhang Lab for rotation in 2021, via CLS program. She is interested in metabolic regulation of inflammation. 



PhD Student

La Jin|

Jin La graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University. She studied in the Zhang Lab for rotation in January, 2022 via PTN program. She is interested in immunometabolism.

Rotation Student


Qichao Su|

Qichao graduated from Peking University, College of Life Science with a bachelor degree of Biology Science and now pursues his PhD degree in CLS.He currently works as a rotation student in Zhang’s Lab, under project involving with Cell Cycle. Besides research, Qichao has intensive enthusiasm in sports, especially curling and tennis.

Undergraduate Student


Yuwei Tang|

Yuwei is an undergraduate of School of Life Sciences, Peking University. He is under scientific research practice at Zhang lab now.

Undergraduate Student


Xueying Yang|

Yang, a junior undergraduate at Peking University's School of Pharmaceutical Science, joined Zhang's lab in 2021. She is very interested in biochemistry and hopes to continue exploring this field. She likes music, dancing and sports.

Undergraduate Student


Haiyun Huang|

Huang Haiyun, Undergraduate Student, School of Life Science. He started his journey in life science since 2019. He joins Di Zhang lab in 2021.11, now is starting his travel in immunology and metabolism.

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